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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Welcome To Photographic Central

Hello Readers,

Welcome to Photographic Central. Photographic Central was created so that I could post any relevant or interesting Equipment Reviews, Photography Articles, and Photographic Industry analysis all in one easy to find central location.

My current experiences have generated writings for Imaging-Resource.com, SLRGear.com,  and AlphaMountWorld.com. I also run my own freelance photographic business, with many of my images posted at PhotographyReview.com.

Some of you will find my name familiar, and some of you will be new to my musings and written work. I'd like to welcome all of you to my new website, and I hope that you like what I have to share.

Thank you for visiting Photographic Central.


-Carl Garrard
Editor, Writer, Photographer, Outdoorsman


  1. Carl...
    As someone who has followed your reviews, views, musings,and photography over the last 4 years; I can say that I am sure this blog will be full of high quality information and insights to everything photographic. Personally, you have provided both great feedback and inspiration that has helped me improve my own photography.




  2. Thank you Ed.

    I can't express how nice this will be to be able to talk about anything I'd like here, as well as be in charge of the whole process. It should help me to focus more on photography again and less on other things.



  3. Carl,

    As someone who knows your passion for photography, and knowledge of photo gear, I know this will be a terrific site. Good luck!


  4. Thank you Keith, appreciate the kudos. Now, how much do I owe you again for that remark??? ;)