Sunday, December 30, 2018

A Day On The Trail- Fujifilm X-E2

A Day On The Trail- Fujifilm X-E2
December 2018, Carl Garrard

The Christmas holiday took its toll, regardless of how simple I tried to make it. I had spent all weekend cleaning and re-organizing my place; making up on all of my chores and also did early spring cleaning. It was time for a change. After that personal victory, I had showered and relaxed, and slept very well through the night. I awoke, made coffee, and reveled in the feeling of accomplishment as I looked around my house at all the changes and cleanliness of it all. Something about a clean house, and how it smells and looks. I had a renewed sense of pride in my domicile. I poured some coffee, and lazily started thinking about my day. Somehow, I knew today had to be spent outdoors. Still in my pajamas, I peeked out of the blinds and looked towards the mountains. I took another sip of coffee...ah yes, a perfect winter day and it beckoned me to explore. I knew I had to go cycling.

Leica M9 Sale!

I am listing my Leica M9 with free gift pack and lens. I have upgraded back to the Typ 262. This is a killer deal for anyone interested. I have listed it on Ebay, but if you read here and want to purchase it via Paypal for the buy it now price, let me know. I'd rather not pay the Ebay fees if I can avoid it. Only shipping continental USA. Thanks!