Thursday, April 19, 2018

Setting Up My Leica M8 for the Leica M-D

Setting Up My Leica M8 for the Leica M-D
April 2018, Carl Garrard

My Leica M8 still gets plenty of work. It's a unique and fun Leica M, and with use over time I believe this to be even more so than my "classic" M9 in some respects. Recently, I learned how to properly adjust the M8 for a horizontal RF adjustment because its focus alignment was slightly off horizontally, and a small adjustment was  necessary. I'm an independent type, so I'd rather fix it myself rather than pay then wait a long time for it to come back from being serviced. It wasn't a difficult job, but I took my time to research it and complete it properly. Along the way I had also acquired two OEM black Leica logos, and so I also replaced my red dot on the M8 with the black dot (which I think makes it looks much better). With the focus dead on, I made sure my sensor was clean, and bingo my M8 felt like new again. Now it was time to dig into the menu system and set it up in such a way that would prepare me for a new arrival. The Leica M-D.

Leica M-D (Typ 262)