Tuesday, September 11, 2012

HOT- New Sony Zeiss 50mm f1.4 ZA SSM Lens Coming in Spring!

This was announced from Sony Japan on a website so I don't have a lot of information. Looks like the A-Mount gets a new Zeiss Planar T* 50mm f/1.4 ZA SSM lens in spring of 2013. This is an excellent edition to the 35mm Zeiss (and others) already available by plugging that gap, and strengthens Sony's already very solid lens lineup for the A-Mount even more. I guess things are going well for Sony at Photokina this year. More info on this lens later on as it develops.

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-Cheers, Carl

Sony Alpha A99 Preview (Updated Additional Commentary)

Sony Alpha A99 Preview
September 2012, Carl Garrard

Sony Alpha A99 Preview: Today Sony announces the long awaited (and rumored) A900 replacement, the Alpha A99 SLT. The A99 comes in with the same 24mp of resolution as the camera it replaces, but in a completely different form factor, improved weather sealing, a raft of video features, and of course the SLT mirror design. This is Sony's new flagship still image camera for the interim and shows Sony's full commitment to the SLT design with its full lineup now complete with SLT cameras and no traditional DSLR design on the marketplace.

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Sony Cybershot RX1 Preview (Updated W/Brochure)

Sony Cybershot RX1 Preview
September 2012, Carl Garrard
Sony Cybershot RX1 Preview: The first fixed lens compact camera with a Full Frame sensor. Who thought it would be Sony, raise your hand? Of those few of you with hands raised, who thought it would be the Cybershot division? I doubt there are any hands in the air at this point. I am surprised, and pleasantly. Yes the price is high, yes this is a niche camera, but so what! Just when I thought (and I'm sure others did too) the Cybershot division were never going to make another "serious" camera again, Sony fire two shots nearly back to back. First the RX100 and now the RX1 model.

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Sony NEX 6 Preview (Updated Commentary)

Sony NEX 6 Preview
September 2012, Carl Garrard

Sony NEX6 Preview: Sony's NEX 6 is a bold move for the NEX lineup of cameras. Sporting the wildly popular 16mp sensor (found in many other makers cameras including Sony's in the Alpha and NEX line), a new hotshoe, improved handling, built in EVF, and revamped menu system- this camera could really end up being the biggest seller of the new announcements easily. If you ask me, it looks like the Sony V3 replacement with lines and heritage back to those Cybershot glory days.

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Four New Sony Lenses

Four new Sony lenses, three for the NEX mount and one for the Alpha Mount. All three for the NEX mount look great, and the Alpha mount lens will be a great addition to the A99. Wow!

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