Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pentax K5IIs - Extreme Low Light Shooting (ISO 204,800)

Pentax K5IIs - Extreme Low Light Shooting (ISO 204,500)
July 2014, Carl Garrard
Today's test is about shooting in extremes. Occasionally we all mess up exposure, some of us more often or less than others. Look, it happens. When it happens, you can only hope your equipment is good enough to help salvage an image beyond your mistakes. This is why I tested the K5IIs in extreme circumstances to see how much real time/real life exposure latitude the sensor has. In other words, I wanted to see how well the K5IIs raw files could stand up in extreme underexposure at the camera's highest ISO setting. The image to the left was shot two stops underexposed at ISO 51,200 and developed from raw. More...

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