Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Interpreting Raw Data From Studio Images

Interpreting Raw Data From Studio Images
October 2011, Carl Garrard
Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 (Win/Mac) [OLD VERSION]

Some of you may be considering one of the new Sony cameras using the 24mp sensor, and some of you have either seen or processed some of the available raw images. While others may not know what to think of all the back and forth comparisons and "warm" topic threads out there on the internet.

I started this thread to help those who may be confused by all this data and debates out there. I have just a few quick and simple things to say, truths that hold water you can count on. Besides that, I have experience using the new sensor on 3 different cameras and have used them in non studio settings that produce not only a more extreme range of light, but very uneven light as well. I've used them at all ISO's and evaluated as such.

Pentax K200D Review- Weatherproof DSLR Package Bargain!

Pentax K200D 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera with Shake Reduction (Body Only)Digital SLRs)


Pentax K200D Review- A Weatherproof DSLR Bargain!
September 2011, Carl Garrard
Got weather? Not much money? Like photography in the wild stuff but afraid to take your equipment? Just look left. How about a Pentax K200D and 18-55mm WR lens for under $500.00? Interesting isn't it? Don't believe me? I'm sorry, but it's true. Very recently I had the urgent need for a weather proof DSLR system again, and since I buy and sell a lot of cameras- I was simply "out" of a weatherproof option when I needed one badly. Not one to sit on my laurels it was time to get something quickly.