Friday, September 27, 2019

Fujifilm X-A7: Tired of Your Smartphone Yet? Take the Leap...

Fujifilm X-A7: Tired of Your Smartphone Yet? Take the Leap...
September 2019, Carl Garrard

Fujifilm has redesigned the X-A series completely. And they are courting you, Smartphone or iPhone users: Those that may be tired of the lack of image quality, features, and general control from a smartphone that a camera instead offers you. And I have to say, this is quite an attractive entry level camera, with its 24mp sensor, huge 2.7 million dot, 3.5" Tilt and twist LCD screen with touch function control, wifi, 4K 30p video, 6fps continuous drive shooting, 1/32,000 second e-shutter (1/4000 manual shutter), programmable dials, time-lapse recording, you name it. And it comes in with a kit lens under $700.00. The body only weighs 310 grams, it's very light but ruggedly built, and comes in four different color schemes. Body only price will be lower, so if you already have Fujfilm lenses or adapters for other brands, you can save a bit of money. Of course it will be sold at many local camera stores or simply go to Amazon: Fujifilm X-A7 kit pre-order link here:

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Upcoming E-Mount Camera Review- Our First! *Update*

Upcoming E-Mount Camera Review- Our First!
June 2019, Carl Garrard
Surprise! Tis' Sony month here at Photographic Central. A slew of Sony A-Mount and now even an E-Mount camera reviews are coming from my desk this month. Three tribute A-Mount camera reviews are in the works as well as my first Sony E-Mount camera review, the Sony A7 II (and 28-70mm lens). I've managed to somehow completely miss reviewing the E-Mount cameras for one reason or another, but now is the time that I finally take a look at what they offer vs. all the other makers out there. I've been sent quite a few cameras lately, as well as purchased my own for my collection- so things have been very busy in the "office". I'm looking forward to using my very first full frame E-Mount camera. Last time I evaluated any Sony mirrorless was with the Sony NEX6/7 cameras. I wasn't impressed with those cameras so well see how far Sony have come since then.

Sony Alpha a7II 28-70mm Kit Best Current Price