Sunday, July 30, 2023

Gear Spotlight: Ricoh GR IIIX

Ricoh's GR IIIX is one of the most unique compacts you can buy. It's truly pocketable which makes it excellent for street work, vacation shooting, and even for outdoor enthusiasts needing a fully featured pro level camera in a supremely diminutive all metal case that doesn't weigh you down. It's 40mm equivalent focal length caters to many pro-photographers desire for a field of view that is slightly wider than 50mm but just narrower than 35mm for that goldilocks sweet spot shot. Built in image stabilization seals the deal. Pricing and variations here: RICOH GR IIIX 

Gear Spotlight: Canon EOS SL3 DSLR

Canon's EOS SL3 DSLR is a fantastic entry point into photography which gives you many modern features along with an optical viewfinder for classic style photography- blend that you can't get with a mirrorless system. Another selling point is the much lower price of the body and lenses (used prices are even much lower: Used SL3 Link) and if wifi, small size, and touchscreen are important to you, then you are covered! Browse for many more options/combinations here: CANON EOS REBEL SL3 SALE