Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Adobe Cloud- Don't Be Fooled

Today Adobe announced a new cloud based subscription price on certain Adobe products. I'm not going to link to Adobe or mention the pricing scheme. Fact remains that Adobe isn't listening to their consumers. Enthusiast and Professional photographers largely do not want to pay a subscription for software they should own. They don't want to have their work on a cloud. And it's simple why Adobe isn't abandoning this nutty idea right away- they've invested a lot of money and time into this project. They want it to succeed. They also want to earn more profit by creating less workforce. I'm not a supporter of this idea at all. For those of you who think its a good price- just remember that price now and the price later are a totally different ballgame. For those of you who need a push: Think long term and don't be suckered into this shroud scheme. Adobe pretends to care about you now, so this project will gain enough traction to start a chain reaction an dependence on this way of doing business. Don't do it.

Adobe CS6 Standard Edition NOT CLOUD BASED