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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Ricoh GR II Review

Ricoh GR II Review
September 2017, Carl Garrard
Ricoh GR II Review- No, I'm not late reviewing a camera that was announced in 2015 or anything (ducks for cover)... I mean, its only been two years plus since Ricoh announced it, and I'm just now finally getting around to reviewing the GR II. I will get a pass from my friends at Ricoh though, since they know I've always been a fan of Ricoh cameras in the past. Considering that I've personally met with a few friendly Ricoh representatives from Japan long before they purchased Pentax, and, that I've owned every digital GR model made, I thought I ought to at least dedicate some time for a short review on the latest GR here. And with the review I'll include some notes on this camera that haven't really been mentioned  before in other online publications. Note that this review is solely based on using the GR II with latest firmware v3.00, which few reviews were based on. Ricoh's are some of my favorite cameras in the world. Lets see how I like the newer GR II.