Friday, January 17, 2020

DSLR's Still Rule: The Afffordable Nikon D610 Part I

DSLR's Still Rule: The Affordable Nikon D610 Part I
January 2020, Carl Garrard

One of my favorite DSLR cameras to rely on for serious outdoor photo work in the past has faithfully been my Canon 6D. Matched with the 24-70mm L f/4 lens, it's a compact, easy to use, comfortable combo with image quality that sings. As written here previously, the 6D is one of my top seven favorite cameras of all time. I've never desired to replace it for the work I bought it for, nor wondered if I ever would. Over time it hasn't been my first choice for all outdoor though, such as action work of any kind. Today, Canon and Nikon's newer fast focusing AF-P/USM II 70-300mm lenses out there are lighter, quieter, and more compact than the high end pro lenses (like my 70-300mm L). Nikon's especially has given me reason to look further into a system for this task. Their lens is weather sealed, while Canon's 70-300mm IS II USM isn't. It's also not rugged enough for my needs. So both the 6D and  that lens left me wanting to fill a niche Canon couldn't fill- a lightweight semi-pro set up for action photography.

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