Saturday, July 6, 2013

Canon Powershot A1200 Review

Canon Powershot A1200 Review- July 2013 Carl Garrard
Tis always the season for a new digital camera, and some of you like to get them on a budget. Hunting through the massive inventories of budget compacts on the market for the best deals isn't easy, but I've settled my sights on this little gem from Canon- the Powershot A1200 compact camera. Even with a wealth of experience with the camera market, choosing cameras to review is still a bit hit and miss. My goal is to bring forth reviews to my readers that are about interesting cameras that are a good bang for the buck. I carefully spend my time sifting through the various models old and new, to find little diamonds to share with you. So, is the Powershot A1200 a hit, or a miss for the price?

Canon Powershot A1200 Best Amazon Deal