Saturday, November 21, 2015

Canon Powershot G5X Review- A Winning Effort?

Canon Powershot G5X Review- A Winning Effort?
November 2015, Carl Garrard
Canon Powershot G5X Review: Canon's Powershot division has always been one of my favorite makers of digital cameras. The G series line has been supremely successful for them since the new millennia. I've personally owned several G series cameras over the years, and retain one to shoot with always. So without much hesitation I thought I've give the new G5X a try and report my findings here to my readers. A little bit about the camera for those who haven't read up on it- basically this is a G7X with a larger body and grip, built in electronic viewfinder, tilt and swivel screen, and quite a few more external controls added. It's obvious to me the G5X is the result of customer feedback- those wanting an "all in one" compact solution with enough controls and a contained viewfinder to give a near DSLR experience without the weight or hassle of a DSLR system. Much like previous G series cameras, such as the G16, the idea here is to court to serious photographers when they don't want to shoot with the high end equipment, but want the best experience and image quality they can get from a compact Canon product. So how well has Canon done to procure and satisfy this client base?

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