Thursday, September 27, 2018

Zeiss Drops a Bombshell- The Zeiss ZX1

Zeiss Drops a Bombshell- Introducing the Zeiss ZX1
September 2019, Carl Garrard
Just when I thought Photokina couldn't get any more exciting or epic, Zeiss literally took my breath away. There is no doubt in my mind this is the most forward thinking digital camera to come from any manufacturer to date, and its going to take a long time for me to wrap my head around what Zeiss has done here. They may have, in one fail swoop, dictated the view of the future of camera design. Traditionalists are likely to blow this camera up, and everyone else will be blown away. I  know that I am personally, literally blown away. All of my assumptions I made about the upcoming ZX1 were literally wiped clean when I read the press release below. Talk about unique, talk about making me rethink camera design completely. I feel like Zeiss has designed a camera you'd see in 2049, if the future looked like Bladerunner the movie. Stunned, doesn't even cut it.

Ricoh GR II Designer Interview: DC Watch Impress!

Hi all! Just a quick post to link to an interview with the main designer of the GR III. I have met with many people at Ricoh before and talking with them has always been an enlightening experience on both sides of the conversation. I couldn't make it to Germany for Photokina 2018 this year, but I'm having plenty of conversation with Ricoh via e-comm.

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