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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Sony Alpha A100 DSLR Review - Looking Back

Sony Alpha A100 DSLR Review - Looking Back 
December 2017, Carl Garrard
Wrapping up 2017 here is a short tribute to a camera that I was (and still am) very fond of. Back in 2006, when in my digital 'career' I decided to graduate from fixed lens cameras such as the Sony V3, F828, and Sony R1, to a DSLR platform. I had to choose if I was going to stick with the Sony brand I was familiar with  or start fresh with a completely new DSLR brand. Sony cameras had helped me kick start a very decent fine art sales income back then. I felt comfortable using the brand and was more than happy with the quality of images coming from them. So, when Sony made an exciting announcement (on the heels of a sad Konica Minolta announcement) of acquiring the Konica Minolta camera division in late 2005, it pretty much was a no brainer that I'd end up purchasing their very first DSLR.