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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Mystery Camera Review- Series 1

Mystery Camera Review- Series 1
December 2017, Carl Garrard

MCR #1: This review is the first in a series of a new type of camera review (we will do lenses too) wherein I'll discuss only the image quality, usability, and some key features of the camera. There will be enough information in the review that you'll probably end up being able to discern the product name eventually, but the whole point here is solely on what the image quality can look like and how much I enjoy using the camera. Images shared in this review will be screen shots only from my 1080p HD monitor (no exif peeking!). It is not a challenge to guess the type of camera, but rather to see what can be done with the camera. Today, we have so many cameras available that produce excellent image quality, it is simply time to focus on how intuitive and fun a camera can be to use. No, the reflected image isn't the camera I used in this article, the fuzzy squarish thing around it, is.