Friday, April 7, 2023


Just a quick news item for readers I am proud to share with you all. will soon have a new contributing writer (and moderator) to their site, me! But please don't worry, I will continue this blog as usual and nothing will change here, business as usual. However going forward, I will be also putting efforts into contributing articles/content over at the wonderful website as well. The folks over there (Nasim, Spencer, etal) are a class act, the articles are top rate, and they adhere to a photography/photographer-first ethical standard that I relate too heavily. I feel this is a great matchup of like-minds and I'm proud to be a new contributing author and member of the team. I will update my blog when I publish articles on the site there as they happen. I am excited, grateful, and proud to be a part of such wonderful company. More to come soon. Stay focused. -Carl