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Friday, November 15, 2013

Pentax K20D - Still Loving It

Pentax K20D - Still Loving It

Yeah it's five years old, and this is my third K20D. And yes, Pentax has the new  K-3 out there now. There are those that wonder why I still hold onto some older DSLR cameras when there are so many new and shiny DSLRS's available on the market, especially with the Pentax K-3flagship dangling in front of me. The answer in short, is that I reserve the right to have specific tastes. I've liked many cameras and have loved but a few. I won't talk about the one's I've hated- it's pointless. My needs are as specific as anyone else's and, just as unique. Sometimes we photographers agree on our tastes/needs and sometimes we don't. That's life. With that said, I find great satisfaction in sharing my opinion with others, and, at the same time, I find equal satisfaction in listening to theirs. Humans can be a fickle species, and I'm no different. Needs and desires change all the time, admittedly desires more than needs, but nevertheless we all have that in common to one degree or another.