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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Bargain Camera Review- Canon's EOS 7D

Bargain Camera Review- Canon EOS 7D
November 2018, Carl Garrard

This review series is all about finding very affordable, highly capable cameras that only exist in the discontinued camera market, and why I feel they represent an incredible value. Today's spotlight is on the Canon EOS 7D, a camera originally introduced in September of 2009, which made a huge shock wave in the DSLR realm. At the time, the EOS 7D was the front runner in crop sensor DSLRs that offered pro level features at an "affordable" price of $1,699.00. It's leading edge 19 point autofocus system, 1080p HD video capability,  weather sealing, large 1.00x and 100% accurate viewfinder, 8FPS shooting w/large buffer, 1/8000th min shutter speed, 1/250th flash sync speed, 14bit raw, 150k shutter life, and much more, made the 7D a real force to be reckoned with by other manufacturers. Today, you may be thinking those specifications sound very familiar to Canon's current DSLRs, and you'd pretty much be right. Practically speaking, the EOS 7D is still, nine years later, more than enough camera for the average photographer, and also a very decent option for beginner video enthusiasts. The camera for this review was purchased in "like new" condition for how much? $299.00, and, it came with the original box and all of the original items.
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Photographers- It's Time to Reconsider Micro Four Thirds

Photographers- It's Time to Reconsider Micro Four Thirds
November 2018, Carl Garrard

With 2018 almost out of the way, I've been paying extra close attention to the camera market lately. As many of you know, the camera market is over saturated with excellent cameras and excellent used deals. Prices on excellent cameras drop faster than a Tito Ortiz k/o over Chuck Liddell. No matter what brand/mount you are looking at, used deals can be found everywhere. With the camera market clearly shifting a large portion of it's efforts to full frame mirrorless, it's time to consider what your needs really are as a photographer. Large in part, I've always ignored m4/3 as a serious system because of its early day image quality based on the sensors they used at that time. All this changed for me when they introduced the OMD EM5 in 2012 with its 16mp sensor, but like many of you, I was already fully invested into larger sensor systems. Today I rethink it all.
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