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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Get A Grip- Canon's 50D

Get A Grip- Canon's 50D
February 2019, Carl Garrard

The very first metric I use to determine whether or not I'll like camera or not, is how it feels in the hand. Every single camera but one in my "Magnificent Seven" article feels wonderful in my hands. Although the Canon 50D didn't make my top seven, it undoubtedly holds the title for best grip of any DSLR I've ever held. Although my 6D feels great, and so do many of my other DSLR's, none have nailed the perfect feel of the 50D. In my 50D review I mentioned just how much I like it's grip, but words just cannot do justice to the perfect ergonomic shape or feel it has in hand. It's a grip so reassuring, I'd voluntarily hang from it with one hand over the Grand Canyon  if my life depended on it.