Sunday, March 4, 2012

Oben 1410 Tripod Review

Oben 1410 Tripod Review
March 2012, Carl Garrard

Oben AC-1410 Tripod Review: Tripods may not be everyone's forte but for some photographers they are just as vital for photography as a camera is. There are many manufacturers that make tripods on the market but only a relative few that make tripod that are competitive for light duty field work. Typically I like tripods that are lightweight, compact, and offer a lot of full size tripod features in a much more svelt and compact form. Today I'm reviewing the Oben 1410, which is a medium height tripod that comes in at a relatively middle of the road price of $119.00 retail. What does the Oben 1410 offer for the price? We'll depending on your needs the Oben seems pretty well spec'd on paper.  I've been using the Oben 1410 for about a month now and I'm reporting my thoughts here on this review.

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