Monday, January 14, 2019

The Magnificent Seven- Carl's All Time Favorite Digital Cameras!

The Magnificent Seven- Carl's All Time Favorite Digital Cameras!
January 2019, Carl Garrard

Yes, as the title of this article implies I am finally posting "the" list of my very favorite digital cameras I've used since the digital era. I've been writing camera reviews for what, a full decade now, so I thought it might be time to share something of this order with you. Just like yourself, when I read articles online or watch videos of my favorite photo related chums giving their thoughts on new photography equipment, I often wonder what their own personal favorites are. So therein lies the motivation behind this article. So, I've stepped up to the plate for you, and put down my money on these seven cameras. What's most important to remember above all, is that this is a personal list, the favorite of my very favorites.

What's in the Box? Suprise Fujifilm Package!?!

January 14 2019, Carl Garrard
Those guys at Fujifilm are at it again. I thought I was going to get the XT3, but this box is too big and heavy... or is it? I don't know! I literally haven't opened it yet (I swear), but I have a few ideas of what it could be. If you read here you should be well aware of my stance on any loaned products- I will not let that influence my overall opinion of a camera's design. It's easy to believe that I'm full of it, but I'm telling you, only about 20% of what gets sent to me actually makes it to an article. That said, I am very curious to see what Fujifilm have sent me. Perhaps I'll get around to opening this box soon and finding out what the mystery is. I've made it known what I'm interested in reviewing with Fujifilm personally, so it could be any number of items in their inventory- who knows, a new instax? Medium format camera? Printer?... let me know what your guess is!

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