Friday, July 28, 2017

Panasonic Lumix DC-ZS70K Review - The Pocket FZ1000

Panasonic Lumix DC-ZS70K Review- The Pocket FZ1000
July 2017, Carl Garrard

So I'm out and about on a hike recently shooting with one of my favorite compacts, and I run into a pretty rare bird of prey that lands on a branch not too far on the other side of the hill from me. I sneak up and find him, get him sighted on my camera and zoom all the way in. I make a few shots of the Coopers Hawk. I know full well that I don't have the zoom range with this camera to get close enough for an excellent shot, but at least ill be able to crop the image later and document him. After I post the image online, I'm thinking, well... it would be really nice to have a  small compact camera with a longer zoom that I could grab much closer shots of this bird with. It was time to look at the market again and see what I could find out there. More of the story continued...
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Monday, July 10, 2017

NIKON D7200 Review- PC's First Nikon DSLR Review

NIKON D7200 Review- PC's First Nikon DSLR Review
July 2017- Carl Garrard

For no logical reason, I just haven't got around to doing a Nikon DSLR review here just yet. Regardless, I've used a few Nikon DSLR's here and there, and I'm pretty familiar with the system overall. However, as prices came down and the new D500 and D7500 were announced, I realized that Nikon still had a top performing second generation APS-C DSLR that should get some light on our website. I like to write reviews about cameras that are a great price or bang for the buck and report them to you. As I see it, there's no APS-C DSLR out there today that can give you better image quality, or a such a stacked feature set for its current market price. As camera manufacturers reach the point of diminishing returns on features for new cameras, value for the dollar continues to increase for cameras that are only one or two generations older, and still available new. So if you are like me, and buy 2nd or 3rd generation tech to save some cash (while still preserving your needs in a device), this review is for you!
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