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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Canon G15 Review

Canon G15 Review
October 2012, Carl Garrard
Canon G15 Review- For as long as I can recall, I've been looking for a rangefinder styled camera that can perform nearly all of my photographic tasks in one single package. The range I ask of in a design ranges from Landscape to Low Light Street to Macro Shooting. To date, Canon's G series cameras have almost completely met my entire needs for a compact rangefinder style camera, but have fallen slightly short in certain key areas. Could the G15 finally be the best well rounded G camera yet? I know I'm certainly not alone in the pursuit for the perfect compact camera, so for those that are interested in this type of camera, please read on.

Sony Alpha A850 Notes (Part I)

Sony Alpha A850 Notes (Part I)
February 2013, Carl Garrard

Hello all. I wanted to share a few notes and thoughts about the A850 while I sit here sipping my morning coffee contemplating my day. I've recently acquired this full frame beauty after a long 4 year hiatus away from it. I've been desiring a full frame camera of late for landscape images (mainly) and have ran the gamut of them from manufacturers out there. Some were purchased, and some were loaned to me from manufacturers. My personal needs of equipment for landscape photography are kept simple- bring along a camera system that can remain as compact as possible, no matter what kind of camera I'm using (compact, DSLR, etc.). I do a lot of extended hikes, locally, and into mountains and back country which requires me keeping weight down a bit for long hauls. And for full frame, the Alpha Mount offers quite a few older but excellent lens options for the Alpha A850. So when I want to go out shooting landscapes, for my needs,  the A850 is not only familiar, but has the most resolution, best handling, best viewfinder, and best lens options for the dollar.

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