Friday, December 30, 2011

Sony A65 Review- Alpha Ala TMT

Sony A65 Review- Alpha Ala TMT  (Updated 3-30-2012)
November 2011, Carl Garrard
Sony A65 Best Price Check
 Sony A65 Review: When my hand first wrapped around the Sony A65 I knew it was the medium sized bodied camera I had been wanting from Sony for quite some time- at least in it's size and form factor. I won't be shy to say that I favor medium sized DSLR's (or DSLT's/DTMT's) over typically larger Pro and Enthusiast level DSLR's. I find a medium sized body to be more practical for all day holding yet still fully functional and controllable when using larger lenses. Find out the rest of my thoughts on the A65 next.

Sony A65 Best Price Check