Saturday, September 1, 2018

Photokina 2018- Will Be Historic, Absolutely Epic.

Photokina 2018- Will Be Historic, Absolutely Epic.
September  2018, Carl Garrard
Photokina 2018: It's hard not to get excited, but I admit that I am. I'll get right to the nitty gritty on current information. As we know, Nikon has already introduced the new Z mount system, and Canon today have leaked the new EOS R system pictures and specifications -and wow, they have blown me away. Fujifilm are going to introduce the most affordable medium format camera to date (GFX 50R), and have already leaked the X-T3 for APS-C that looks fantastic. If that doesn't blow you away this certainly will: Panasonic is rumored (highly likely) to go full frame mirrorless and join Sony, Nikon, and Canon with a brand new mount and double down on their impact on the camera market (especially video). They already have the co-developed Leica SL platform to jump off and I know for sure they will go after all of them with everything they have. That's not all!

Exclusive: I have word that Ricoh/Pentax is also going to announce "something", and I have good word on that. It's not going to be some lame announcement either, so keep your eye on this site for specifics that I'm able to give in the very near future here. Sony and Olympus still haven't shown any cards but I sincerely doubt they will remain quiet. Don't forget about all the other smaller and third party manufacturers either as there will likely be lots announcements to support the new system and products coming up.

My summation of this epic Photokina so far is this: All of the camera manufacturers sorta got together/got the memo and said "we're tired of the declining overall market, lets go all in and throw our punches, and re-ignite the industry and also combat the smart phone dominance". Just watch and see, this will be the most epic year for the industry since digital cameras have been invented.

Stay focused.

-Carl Garrard

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