Monday, August 4, 2014

Fujifilm FinePix HS50 EXR Review

Fujifilm FinePix HS50 EXR Review
July 2014, Carl Garrard
Fujifilm FinePix HS50 EXR Review: What's something that a smartphone can't do? It can't zoom from 24-1000mm, that's what.  All in one cameras like the Fujifilm FinePix HS50 EXR pictured to the left are still growing in sales in the camera market, despite a contraction of sales across the board for the industry as a whole. Why are superzoom cameras still growing in the market? Simple. Instant gratification seems to drive the demand. It seems to me that most consumers want one device that can do many tasks or, do something extraordinary. Today's superzooms have reached capabilities that we used to joke about on internet forums just five years ago. Lens technology has never been more advanced, and I'm definitely seeing some extraordinary capabilities with today's superzooms that I thought I'd never see happen in my lifetime. Enter the Fujifilm FinePix HS50 EXR, just one of many superzooms on the market. My goal? To find the best superzoom for the price. More...

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