Thursday, October 18, 2018

Remembering the Olympus E-P1 Pen

One of my very favorite and tasteful ad campaigns for a camera company ever. All about the important stuff in life, and artistically done in every way. Enjoy the memory! - Carl

Ricoh- Pentax 2019...And Beyond

Ricoh- Asahi Pentax 2019...And Beyond
October 2019, Carl Garrard

Just a quick update on next year. As some know already, next year is Asahi Pentax's 100yr anniversary. There are comments turned to "rumors" flying around based on a couple of comments by a reliable source (Asahi Man) about development currently in place at Ricoh. Quick rewind, I have commented previously that I see plenty of room in the market for a DSLR (not a mirrorless camera) that is positioned in the affordable category. I did not make those comments lightly. The comments (notice I'm not saying rumor), which are accurate, eluded to full frame cameras in two categories. I am now saying there is room in the marketplace also for a higher end DSLR, say above the K1 II, so... one above, and one below the K1 II. It is clear to me, there is space in both categories in the marketplace for Ricoh to pursue, especially after what has been seen at Photokina (mirrorless craze).

As we know, I was right about the upcoming GR III well before its pre-announcement. Keep a close eye on what I've stated about the room in the marketplace for DSLR's, because Ricoh clearly have room in their own lineup for both spaces as well. There is no coincidence about the comments made about development in two categories. And then, think about the next logical step for Ricoh in the Pentax brand, and next years 100yr anniversary. Then remember what I've said here.

Sometimes it is quietest before the storm.

Stay Focused.