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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Remembering the Pentax K200D

Remembering the Pentax K200D
August 2018, Carl Garrard

It's hard to think that it has been seven years since I reviewed the Pentax K200D. Since then I cannot count how many cameras have come across my desk, or that I have bought and sold. Very recently, my local national forest suffered a huge loss because of arson. A particular area called Trabuco Canyon up near Holy Jim trail and Trabuco Road, have been devastated by this fire. It is (was) the most beautiful hiking area for locals, now burned down because of a singular self centered act. As a result, I had desired to review some images I made of Trabuco Canyon and the surrounding areas over the years, and forgot I had made many with this remarkable camera. I was stunned to see how well the raw images held up, and relived the magical quality of its 10.2mp CCD sensor. Consequently, more memories came back to me about how much I liked using it too. The K200D ended up being everything I wanted my first DSLR to be (the Sony A100), but ended up being much more than I expected.