Monday, August 26, 2013

Upcoming Dual Review- Sony Alpha A58 DSLT and 18-55mm SAM II Lens

Upcoming Dual Review- Sony Alpha A58 and 18-55mm SAM II
August 2013, Carl Garrard
Yep tis time for another Sony review, this time a dual camera and lens review in one. The camera and lens comes to our doorsteps here tomorrow and then the evaluation begins. This is likely Sony's last A-Mount camera to be made, future cameras are going to be hybrid mount cameras (if you believe the believable rumors out there), so I didn't want this one to escape our claws. As some of my readers know, I cut my teeth on reviewing cameras with Sony cameras exclusively- so I know them probably better than any other cameras out there. The Sony A58 is the latest edition and the new kit lens promises internal focusing and optical improvements. Price? Check here: Sony A58 and 18-55mm Kit or here..... (below)

Sony A58 and 18-55mm Kit