Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Canon Powershot S100 Quick Review

Canon Powershot S100 Quick Review
December 31st 2012, Carl Garrard

Canon Powershot S100 Quick Review: Happy New Year! This is probably the first camera review of 2013. Ok well, yet another from my "quick review" series. These reviews are intended to keep your interest as long as possible while I'm getting to the point with unfiltered comments backed by years and years of combined photography and review experience. Are you still reading? Good! Canon's Powershot S100 is the third in the not so recently revived S series and quite frankly the best deal going on the market for a "pocket compact". At $249.00 now in some places (check my link) the S100 is a steal- which is why I bought one too. The price wasn't the only reason so read on.

Canon PowerShot S100 Best Online Price