Friday, December 28, 2012

Panasonic DMC-G3 Deal and Quick Review

Panasonic DMC-G3 Deal and Quick Review
December 2012, Carl Garrard

Panasonic DMC-G3 Review-  The last Panasonic I reviewed was the excellent DMC-L1. That camera is truly a work of art, and shows what Panasonic is capable of. And now the Panasonic G3 gets my attention. Yes it's a bit older but I don't feel constrained to just review new cameras. So lets get right onto my real bonafide quick review. Let me start by saying that I feel in a way  Panasonic has been slipping lately- trying to keep up so much with the heated race of m4/3 has left them a bit desperate with designing and functionality. The newest designs just seem nervous to me, for lack of a better word- and the G3 is no exception. I didn't like the G1 nearly at all, so how does the G3 sit with me?

B & H Panasonic G3 Excellent Deal