Thursday, August 20, 2020

Quick Spot: Pentax Perfection- The K5IIs

Quick Spot: Pentax Perfection- The K5IIs
August 2020, Carl Garrard
Pentax's K5IIs still remains one of my favorite cameras I've ever used, let alone in the DSLR segment. It's August 2020, and time has not taken it's toll on this beauty of a DSLR. The K5IIs is still an absolute gem, a small and amazingly built camera. It's capable of fantastic image detail because it lacks an AA filter, and its raw files don't feel as strained in post processing as the 24mp chips do. Besides the K70/KP it has the best overall APS-C image quality of any Pentax DSLR and it comes with better than expected video performance if you need it. With this list, the K5IIs is nearly future proof. The only feature it's missing is full compatibility with any KAF4 mount lens, this means the excellent 55-300mm PLM.
Pentax K-5 IIs Body Only (Black)