Thursday, January 8, 2015

Canon Powershot S90 Review- A Bargain Used Compact

Canon Powershot S90 Review- A Bargain Used Compact
January 2015, Carl Garrard

Canon Powershot S90 Review: If you are like me and keep a close eye on the used camera market, you'll see a lot cameras you may once have lusted to try out when they were announced, but just couldn't afford to buy at the time. Or, maybe you already were happy with the cameras you had and had a list of cameras one day you'd like to try for fun. Today's used camera market is a great place to shop if you want to try out a lot of different cameras, and there are especially good deals to be found on very capable cameras that can handle many photographic tasks the newest cameras seem to overshadow. But don't be fooled, they still do a great job! Today I'm going to talk about one good deal on the used market, the Canon S90.
Canon PowerShot S90