Monday, July 27, 2020

Nikon D800E First Impressions

Nikon D800E First Impressions
July 2020, Carl Garrard

Prices on used and older pro level DSLR's have all fallen dramatically. Lucky for me, it was time for to upgrade two key areas of my kit. I needed an edge in two key types of photography: Birds in Flight/Action, and Landscape/Low Light. I've already found my perfect combo for bird in flight/action, the D500/Sigma 100-400 HSM. And trust me when I say that finding a camera and lens combination that I deem perfect for this task is so rare that it's only happened once in my life. My D500/Sigma 100-400mm HSM combo is stunning. But I'm here to talk about part II of my quest. Yep, I've set out to find that combo's equal, but this time for landscape/low light work instead. And after much deliberation, weighing practical advantages to cost etc. I decided to give the Nikon D800E a try. The D800E, is a camera I always wanted to try out, and although it was released in Feb of 2012, practically speaking I do not find it dated in the least bit.
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