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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fujifilm X10 Review Coming Soon

Fujifilm X10 Review Coming Soon
Fujifilm X10 Digital Camera (Black)

Yep the Fuji X10 has finally arrived into my hands. I haven't even opened the box yet but I am VERY excited to get this camera in the field. I had a chance to meet up with Fujifilm at CES in Las Vegas and handle all of the new cameras they announced. As well we chatted a lot about future developments, the XPro1 and other topics I shall not discuss! Fujifilm has been making very interesting cameras of late and this one in particular is special to be because I called for a camera almost exactly like this a couple years before its announcement.

Fujifilm X10 Digital Camera (Black)
The X10's  specifications are almost identical to the "dream compact" I envisioned  a couple years back so therefore I'm a bit more excited than usual to get it out there and see what kind of camera it translates in practical use. Stay tuned for much more here on Photographic Central about the X10's performance in a full review.



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  1. wait better until they solve the big problem with the white dots, it is terrible

  2. The "orbs" or white dots as you call them, aren't the biggest issue of the X10 so I found out today. Orbs are really the least of my concerns of this camera. Turns out its not as pretty in use as it is on the pictures or specifications.

    Again, it so vitally important to use a camera before you cast judgement towards it. More on this topic later on in the review.