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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tenpa Eyepiece Magnifier

High quality gear. I've only found them on Ebay for sale and they will come direct from China to anywhere in the world. I own three Tenpa magnifiers. Two are the same model for different mounts (Pentax and Minolta), and yesterday arrived my 1.22X Tenpa magnifier for my 7D. It also works very well on my Maxxum 9 film camera- and can you imagine the Maxxum 9's viewfinder being magnified 1.22x without vignetting in the corners?!

Compare to Sony FDAME1AM Magnifying Eyepiece (Black)

Has to be said- I really like them.

The 1.36x model I use on my Alpha 7D which will do more telephoto, macro, portrait work. The 1.22x model was purchased for my Maxxum 7D which will do more landscape work. Highly recommend these eyepieces- they come with two eye cups, one is a flush type, one is a soft cup that will eliminate all stray light.

The viewfinder view is huge on 7D's! The 1.36x magnifier makes the view almost as large as the Maxxum 9, and the 1.22X gives you a more clear view in the corners without much if any vignetting (long as you aren't using eyeglasses) while still approaching full frame SLR magnification viewing size. The mount is high quality fiber reinforced plastic, but the eyepiece itself is all metal and glass. They look like standard kit on both of the camera types I use them on - Pentax and Minolta.

1.22x Tenpa Magnifier Installed

Tip: If you want the eye start sensors on the Minolta's to work still, all you have to do is move the eyepiece mount up just a bit, then tighten down the actual eyepiece (screwing it in secures it against the viewfinder). Doesn't take much fiddling to get it just right and it will stay secure without distorting the view.


Compare to Sony FDAME1AM Magnifying Eyepiece (Black)


  1. I have the Pentax magnifier, and while I like the resulting image I lose eye relief (but gain nose relief! :^)). As a glasses wearer that's a big price to pay, so I'm not yet convinced it will stay on my K-5. What is the eye relief on the 1.22x Tenpa, is that a reasonable number for people like me?

  2. Depends on how much vignetting you are willing to accept in the view. Certainly the 1.22x is better than the 1.36x magnifier. It's very similar to the Pentax OME-53 (the 1.22x finder) in magnification, only the view isn't so confined because of the larger glass and the big round element for the eyepiece.