Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Upcoming Sony A99

Predictions: This camera may not be the high performance camera many are hoping for in terms of speed of frame rate or buffer capability- probably similar to the A77 on the latter. Likely the rumor of 24mp will indeed be true, but I also think the ISO level will not be very high at all- definitely not the 102K or even 51K ISO level.
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The price will probably be better than some expected (at least there is a chance it will) and it will probably also have an ISO hot shoe as rumors have stated. It just makes sense if Sony want to grab sales as this has been a very hot topic (no pun intended) for Sony and Minolta over the years.

Bottom line, I hope the hype on the net so far doesn't ruin the fun of this announcement. I think Sony will be a bit more conservative with the A99 than suggestions thus far have been made. We'll just have to wait and see if I'm right or not.

Also, if I am, it doesn't mean that any of that is bad at all... just means that maybe Sony has something better in store for full frame at a later date (also that has been suggested), and they didn't want this camera to suck up ALL the full frame sales. We'll just have to see!

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  1. I have read nowhere about ISO 102K, besides the very first rumors 6+ months ago - but when the a99 became "an approaching reality," the announced specs at SAR I am sure are correct It will be ISO 25600.

    It will also be 10fps, I have not read otherwise in any rumor site. Since when having a77 performance is a bad thing? Nothing wrong with 10fps, no other FF can tough it.

  2. That is unless it can only do 10fps in cropped APS-C program auto mode :). I heard 6fps max in full manual FF mode, not all that good.

  3. Isn't it hilarious that in 2012 "Not reaching 51K ISO" is "Not very high ISO level!".

    It doesn't seem that long ago, I would have said that 1600 ISO was "high ISO".


  4. Times have changed bro, new equipment, new opportunities to shoot with it. ISO 16000 isn't that high at all. Heck the Leica S2 only goes to 1250 ISO, but the A99 is isn't in that company or league. It's in the D800 5D Mk III league.


  5. Carl,

    If they plan to release another, higher level FF camera, then your statement "Sony has something better in store for full frame at a later date" is spot on. Sony always plans their products not as individual products, but as part of a product family. Also, typically, they release lower level products and leverage the development from those earlier lower level products to help refine designs and product management decisions for the later, high-level products.

    Although, I'm sure you already know all of this anyway, I'll submit my comment anyway for other readers who may not know Sony's product management practices

    b shaw

  6. I am sure another FF is coming in 2013, using the 36MP sensor found in the D800 (I am 100% sure, like it has happened in the past, that Nikon got the 36MP sensor exclusively for 6 months or a year before Sony could release a camera based on it).

    If the price is less than the rumored $2800, I would have no complains :) In fact, I think it should be; isn't manufacturing cost cheaper for SLTs not having really expensive FF prism VF? On the same basis, I also think the a77 should have been cheaper upon release; $1200 sounds right.

  7. If the new camera is a 24 megapixel full-frame camera that shoots at 10 fps, it will be the first 24 megapixel camera to beat the speed of the Nikon D3x. If it shoots at 10 fps, it is the only full-frame camera that can shoot so fast and it will be twice the speed of the next fastest shooting camera with such a high resolution sensor. Yes, the new Nikon D4 and Canon 1Dx are faster, but they are not so high resolution as the Nikon D3x. This camera will be, and it will be incredibly fast for a 24 megapixel full-frame camera. Interestingly, it will not require ANY new electronics processor technology, because the A65 and A77 already handle 24 megapixel shooting at that speed. There seemingly is NO reason for the camera not to be able to shoot at 10 fps.

    Sorry if this is just stating the obvious, but I thought I would point out how this will be indeed a groundbreaking camera, even though it doesn't seem so at first glance, because of its recent Sony predecessors' amazing capabilities.

    For those of you who are making statements like, "Another, higher resolution camera is probably coming after this one." What else would happen? I mean, do you think that people are happy to just let Nikon hold the high resolution crown forever? I think not. Canon will surely build a competitor to the D800, and I am sure that Sony will too. I just hope that Sony gets on the stick with weather sealing a new range of lenses, since there only seems to be one or two Sony lenses that are weather sealed as of right now.

    Weather sealing is something that Sony is really lacking, which many professionals consider a mandatory feature. After-all, Canon has the 1D series, the 5D Mk II (and now the 5D Mk III), AND the 7D. Nikon has the D3, D3x, D4, D700, D800, D300s, etc. all with weather seals. Both those companies have many lenses that are weather sealed. Sony has all of ONE camera that has weather seals and just one or two lenses that have weather seals. This is not a good position for Sony to be in, as they try to enter the professional game.

  8. I sincerely hope that they have a fully-capable SONY (standard ISO-foot) flash to go with this release. How wrong would it be to have to use someone else's flash on your SONY camera? Or, even a $15 adapter on a $3000 camera body? Besides, who has one? I sold all my Canon stuff back in 2007, bodies, flashes, and lenses.

    I'm looking for the RF trigger... in the body. Let's get with the times, already.

    Okay... I admit.. I am confused by this turn of events and the continual lack of information. We can never prepare for it. That's just bad business, in my book.