Sunday, July 14, 2013

Kenko LCD Protection Film- The Very Best!

LCD protectors are a popular item to anyone that cares about the appearance of their camera. And trust me...I've used them all. And without a doubt this film from Kenko is the best product of its kind that I've used in this idustry. If you want a hard glass protector, ACMAXX are probably the best (ebay) of it's kind out there. Yet if you yearn for flexible, removable LCD protection film this one has them all beat. Installation instructions are the best I've seen, as well as how Kenko tabs the front and rear removal film for the user. The anti-reflective qualities and anti smudging quality beat every type of protector I've used, including the glass types. Kenko must have done their homework on this project because what they claim is what you get. I'm not usually hot on reporting about accessory products on this website, but I just had to share this one with readers here. Price is also very good. Pick one up and let me know what you think, and if I've missed anything.

Kenko LCD Protection Film
I've personally installed one of these on my E-PL2 Olympus camera that has a badly cracked LCD screen for additional protection. My goal was either to get the LCD replaced right away, or, temporarily use a protective film until I decide to shed out the cost and time to do so. I opted for the film but I didn't want one that would leave a bad sticky residue on the LCD screen or that would negate the anti-reflective qualities of the current screen. After some research I opted for this film and I can tell you from experience I don't regret that decision one iota.

Good luck!

Kenko LCD Protection Film


  1. Do you get anything when we use that link to buy it? I just bought one. :)

    Thanks for making us aware.

    And now I'm going to use this opportunity to ask a question. Carl, where can I go for discussions on the a77 and possible problems and solutions?

    Old AMW'er SKB

  2. Hey bud!

    I may get something! We'll see (very little if so though).

    We'll besides DPR, Dyxum I'd say. Dyxum probably the best place to go, maybe even David Kilpatricks site.

    I know bummer AMW is gone forever. Who knows maybe it will reincarnate into another Sony site one day, or something for everyone with the same spirit AMW had.


  3. Great Share!

    I am using an IPaq 210 and Yesterday, I removed my Boxwave ClearTouch Crystal screen protector after almost 3 years. Unluckily, it adhered so densed to the screen that a cloudy film of adhesive residue was left behind.I tried rubbing Goo Gone, but that had no effect. Does anyone have any experience with this?