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Monday, August 21, 2017


Sharing with my Readers :)- History is made!
August 21st 2017, Carl Garrard


  1. Carl, what tripod would you recommend for this camera to be used on an African safari (use in Jeep, not on walks so much). How was the camera for landscapes?

  2. The FZ1000 isn't so heavy, so you can use just about any tripod you like. The addition of image stabilization helps quite a bit too. I think the FZ1000 is a competent camera for many tasks. I reviewed it here (just use the search feature to find my review :)...)

  3. I was asking about the ZS70. (The slim model that you were impressed with.) But now I'm leaning towards the FZ300 for performance in low-light situations.

  4. Oh okay. For this photo I used the FZ1000. Depends on what you want to do with your pictures really. If you just want them for causual use, then the ZS70 should be fine for that task. The FZ300 isnt going to give you any better image quality to be honest, the lens may be a tad sharper.