Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Fujifilm Reviews On Deck!

Fujifilm Reviews On Deck!
October 2018, Carl Garrard
Fujifilm fans, I haven't forgot about you. I have two very exciting reviews coming soon that I'm sure you will be very interested in. My first review up is the XF10, and trust me, whatever you've read negative about this camera is about to be wiped clean with my upcoming review. Teaser: It's not worthy of any bad reviews or press... trust me. You know I love serious compacts, so to say that much already is a very good sign. Secondly, the little 27mm f/2.8 Fujinon lens, needs more love than it gets, so I will review that lens too. So far, it's welded to my custom clad X-E2 and it is not coming off. More to follow so please stay tuned and check back soon. The XF10 review will be a very thorough and multi-page comprehensive blast of information, trust me! Please share my site, bookmark it, tell a friend, all of your help contributes to the success of the site. Thank you all for your support, I mean it!

Fujinon XF27mmF2.8 (Back in Black!) Fujifilm XF10 (Black) Current Best Link

I am very excited to bring you the new reviews. Both products have exceeded expectations so far. As always I will give a very detailed and honest assessment of products I feel have major value to photographers like you. The images below are linked for your convenience!


Stay focused.

-Carl Garrard

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  1. Looking forward to your XF10 review. The online feedback regarding this camera is all over the place...