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Nikon Lineup: The Fantastic Four

Nikon Lineup: The Fantastic Four
August 2020, Carl Garrard

My goal was to update my main working camera kit. Never thought I'd end up using Nikon DSLR's for that task, but using is believing I guess. This is my main four camera set up, and I've other lenses not shown in this picture for each. I have other cameras of course, but these are the ones I'll be relying on for serious photography work only.I will detail which ones they are, and what I think all four are best purposed for.

From left to right:

Nikon D500: This is my main aviary an aviation camera. The D500 is the sports car of the group, fast, nimble, and highly accurate. It's also got near full frame level ISO performance, awesome weather sealing, great battery life, and a super durable magnesium and carbon fiber frame. When it comes to moving targets in good light, you cannot beat it until you spend 5-6K on a big heavy pro-level D4,5,6 body. Amazing camera, really good at action.

Nikon D7500: This is my macro and time lapse movie camera. It is the little brother to the D500. Same sensor and metering as the D500, it's also very fast but more of an all rounder kind of camera. It's the newest of the bunch from Nikon and arguably the most high tech of any Nikon DSLR. Light, nimble, great image quality, wifi/bluetooth, touch screen, great battery life. Awesome variable angle LCD, the best I've used on a Nikon DSLR to date. It's sporting a 100% carbon fiber monocoque body that is exceptionally weather sealed. This is a camera that I'd take with me just about anywhere, especially when I need to go light without sacrificing a bit of performance, but I love using it for macro and time lapse work the most.

Nikon DF: My freelance and creativity camera. Back to basics photography has never been more fun in a DSLR. The Nikon Df has loads of personality, and it's totally unique amongst DSLR's. It's got awesome image quality, compatibility with Nikkor lenses that go back to 1958. This camera's design is all about photography fundamentals, slowing down and making decisions for each shot. It's a beauty of a camera that takes exceptionally excellent images in low light. Mated with a Voigtlander 40mm f/2 II Nokton manual focus lens. This is my favorite prime lens focal length. I use the Df when I want to take a break from working behind the camera, and just be creative and freelance whatever my heart desires.

Nikon D810: My landscape camera, period. It's got no other task. It shoots 36mp of supreme blur filter free detail down to ISO 32. It's raw files exhibit massive dynamic range that can handle single exposure landscape images with wicked a range of contrast like no other DSLR I've used before. It's been a dream come true, no more do I have to bracket three images and combine them later into one image. It's a solid brick of magnesium, supremely comfortable, and ultra weather proof,. All of its progressive improvements make it a much more pleasurable camera to use than the D800E. Canon can't touch this camera for landscapes in anything it makes. It's a beast, and a beauty, and one of my favorite cameras of all time.

These four cameras cover at least 95% of the photography I do. I've taken time to think what camera's I really needed for each kind of photography, and I've made my choices very carefully. I went from using Canon as my main system to Nikon. The main reasons for my decision were image quality improvements and more body choices. Nikon just have better sensors than Canon and they have a wider variety of camera bodies to choose from. They also have a much greater variety of lenses to choose from because Nikon never abandoned/changed the lens mount. Canon are a great company and I'll miss the 6D and that supreme 24-70mm f/4 Macro lens. But it was time to make this choice.

This kit gives me more capability than ever before, and that equals more creative freedom. I suggest you get the gear that does what you need it to do as well, life is too short. Don't settle or ever feel stuck owning a camera system. Get what you need.

That's it folks, my fantastic four DSLR's that I use for professional work.

Stay focused.


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