Monday, December 19, 2022

News: Pentax Brand Launching A Film Camera Project (Updated Jan 1, 2023)

Now this is what I call photo industry news. Ricoh has decided to launch a Pentax Brand Film Camera Project:

Film popularity has only been increasing while digital popularity has been decreasing. This is a bold and exciting move from Pentax. And while I doubt film will ever become as popular as digital, it has enough popularity and movement to be considered lucrative for the brand- and for photographers alike. Read the article, and great job Pentax!

Update: I decided to add a link to a great video on Pentax cameras, A History of Pentax. I highly recommend watching this video as it is an important sort of addendum to the new announcement from Pentax, and you will not regret time spent soaking up this great information.

Happy New Year, and here's hoping for a wonderful 2023. Stay focused.

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