Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Photographic Central's Future

Photographic Central's Future
March 2023, Carl Garrard

Just shy of nine months ago a career pivot has dominated more of my personal energy and time than I had forecast, thus making for less personal time to complete review projects here on PC than I'd ultimately like. Bread on the table is my number one priority, and something of which I'm sure readers here can relate and understand completely. With that said, I want to mention that I have multiple projects started on older and newer cameras alike and they are all simultaneously in the works. Now I'd love to have nothing but free time to complete all of these projects, especially some that are most near and dear to me, but life doesn't always work out as we plan. Saving any suspense, I have no plans of shutting down my site or to stop writing reviews and articles about camera gear and photography, quite the opposite in fact.

With a huge photography community site recently announcing its intentions shut down, to me that only sends a signal to other contributors to step up their game. Take nothing for granted, not one day of your life. Today is the day to accomplish everything. Step up, and lets all keep things rolling.

Photography also needs to be promoted more than ever. I cannot stress how important this is and I encourage other content creators and online contributors to pause and reevaluate priorities. Film and digital camera systems need to be recommended to young photographers to encourage them to learn the superior and traditional methodology of photography as an artform and a career. Smart phones are not a traditional form of photography, they are snapshot tools used to promote instant gratification which takes little to no learning and development. There's nothing wrong with them for their intended purpose, but they aren't photography tools, lets face it. The temptation to follow the easiest path leads only to disappointment. 

Only through trial, hard work, and determination is something really gained and appreciated, same goes for photography. It's more important than ever to reach out to our kids and the initiated alike (of all ages) and encourage them to learn the craft of photography. Otherwise it is lost, the knowledge is lost, and the tradition and history is lost. It's unthinkable to me to envision a future without traditional photography in it, but we have to promote it.

Photography can be whatever you want it to be in your life. Pick up a camera, a real camera. Get away from all the screens and the technology and get out there and be creative. Interact, learn techniques, dive deep into the waters of exposure and composition. And when you've made something you are proud of, don't stop there! Do not share your images online through social media and be done with it. Oh no, you must get your hard work printed and display it on a wall. This is your trophy, your final result, something to be proud of for all of your hard work. I cannot stress the sense of pride and accomplishment this brings to your craft. 

For me, the journey of photography has been rewarding beyond words. I'm guilty of not talking about it enough on my blog, but know that it is the core and essential reason that all of the articles I've written in the last twelve years exist here. Photography will be the fire that continues to drive this site until I am no longer able to contribute.

Like a long exposure of water over rocks, we must remain intact and weather the hard times. It's worth it for everyone, but mostly ourselves (and that means you). Photography must thrive, do your part to grow it.

Stay focused.


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