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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Upcoming Mystery Camera Review

Upcoming Mystery Camera Review
February 2013, Carl Garrard
So this is a first for me. I've never done a mystery camera review before, but I might be on to something here. Since photographs are really the most important thing to photographers (or ought to be) all that matters is what we can do with a camera, not the brand name or model name. What matters is how a camera falls to hand, how it performs in the "field", and how good the image quality is. Right? Right. So, will my upcoming mystery camera review  be the camera you see in the background?

Looking For a Point and Shoot Deal?

Instead of telling you what camera it is now, or even what camera it is while I'm reviewing it, I'm going to review the camera then later on reveal what camera it is. If you think you know, you probably don't know. And if you think you don't know, maybe you do know. But who cares! What will be fun is reading an entire review, looking at photos, and never knowing what camera I'm reviewing. There will be no need too. So since this is a new concept for a review, I'll need a bit of time to finish it because I have to think a bit out of the box on this one.

No pun intended. ;)

So the camera pictured above, may or may not be the actual camera I'm going to review. And the image I'm attaching below may or may not be an image from that camera- I mean, who's to say, right? Right. Revealing anything that would help you determine the model or brand of the camera would really be a waste of everybody's time and imagination.

So without further ado, bon voyage for now!


SPOOKY TIME SETTING? Wait and find out!


  1. I don't suggest you try and find the exif, either. Good try though.

  2. Looks like a Yashica EZ F521, used for the inaugural Pro-tog/Cheap camera challenge at DigitalRev.

  3. Great idea for a review model Carl. You may be trendsetting into new frontiers with this one. Will be following this one!

  4. Well one person supports the idea! I guess that leaves you and me to reading it ;) lol.


  5. I think you've a brilliant idea actually. Reminds me of an old Minolta SRT101 magazine ad. I can still see it in my head. Remember the ad that displayed, I think, six identical shots, five taken with competitor cameras. Point was to illustrate the 101's ability to provide equal results. I remember noting some color shifts between the brands, but nothing to base a purchase decision upon. The SRT line was more affordable, and no doubt time proven strong like bull.

    Have fun with your test. I look forward to pointing out others who copy your new testing model soon thereafter.

  6. I'd like to see a Review from you Carl, of the Panasonic LC1...Oldie, but Goldie... ;)
    That blurry Cam into the Background looks like a Mixture between Fuji X100, Samsung NX300 & some
    kind of Holga Plastic Cam, because of the Lens. =)


  7. Hi Marc, I already did a review of the LC1 and Digilux 2 :) D2 is here, LC1 is at Very good cameras the both, and nice guess!

  8. Hi Carl,

    huh, i've overlooked this - just right. ;) yeah, i like all of my "vintage digicam & DSLR" stuff.