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Monday, April 1, 2013

AMW Sign Off

Just a quick mention for those who have frequented Thanks for all of the memories and the participation to all of you on that site over the last five years. From the sleepless nights of preparing reviews, to gear debates, to sharing our personal lives to varying degrees- I consider that site quite a success, especially because at it's peak it was much more than we ever intended it to be. I didn't want to make a big deal about the site going down, and it was just coincidence that it's last day happened to fall the day before April first.

That said, days are busy for me now. Actually, they have been for quite some time. Making time for reviews is almost impossible these days considering many of the new things taking my spare time (and it's not just being a father either, which is enough to take all of your free time if you let it...). I will continue to put together a review or article here and there but not near the pace I used too. My blog will serve as a canvas for this hobby of mine and also for those who find reading my reviews the least bit useful (and I thank you for taking the time to read them).

Life is unpredictable and so is change, so you never know what will happen. But for now, this blog will be my vehicle for discussing cameras, photography, and anything else I find worthwhile to discuss. Hope to see many of the friends I made over at here on occassion. If not, the time spent was precious. Thank you.



  1. Carl

    I appreciate all of the efforts that you and others put into making AMW an outstanding example of how a site & forums should be run.

    I gained so much valuable knowledge and feedback from you and the members there. I know that my participation had dropped off over the last year or so; but that wasn't due to the site or content, more to a drop off in my photographic activity (something I am trying to rectify). I have been shooting more recently and seem to be using the iPhone4 a lot more than my Alpha mount stuff LOL and food seems to be my most frequent subject :)

    I hope that you are successful in whatever forum you choose to use for expressing your opinions on the craft, reviews, and sharing your artistic expressions.

    I will still check in here from time to time to see what you are up to...

    Be well my friend


  2. Hello Carl, Thanks for the memories and all the time and effort I know you put in. was one of my favorite sites to visit on the net. Everybody has always been really awesome in your forum and I am going to miss seeing what everyone has to share. Success is an understatement in my opinion of what your website was. I remember when I first found your website i was almost glued to the computer screen gazing through the photo sharing forum. The content was really just flat out awesome. Definitely a job well done on both sides of the fence. Once again thanks for the memories, I had a blast.


  3. Agree with Ed and Charlie! Will miss AMW!

  4. Thanks guys, sorry it had to go off the air!

  5. I'll remember AMW fondly, and hope the other veterans continue to chat here. Thanks for the ride, Carl!

  6. Sad to see it go! It was a great site. I learned a great deal from the many contributing members. Thank you for all your helpful advice and tips Carl. I think of you whenever I get a package from el-co labs.

    I hope you continue to share your thoughts and interests on here.


  7. Hey Carl, many times I have used AMW for reference or just for a good read! Sorry to see it go..
    Also I read your review on the Sony DT18-135mm, I liked the review so much I bought the company! Ok actually I just bought the lens. It is sharp, quiet, fast focusing, good build, all around an excellent buy! (True, an excellent match for the a-57) Thanks.
    Appreciate the reviews, keep up the good work.
    PS: RUSH is awesome.. : )

  8. It's unfortunate that AMW is off the air. Is there at least an archive of the reviews one could revisit?


  9. Just adding my regrets that the site has closed. Used it often to read reviews and enter into the various discussions and to get help on topics. Sad to see it go but would like access to the review data if possible... any chance Carl?

  10. Sorry guys, the content went with the site. I have some reviews up here for Sony stuff, but couldn't save the content the way the server was set up.

    Appreciate all the positive comments highly though...


  11. Carl,
    I too am sad to see AMW go. Learned many tips and tricks from all who participated. There were many times I wished I could be in the same room with you and a lot of the people there. I personally thank you for all of your hard work and effort it took to keep the site running. It seems even more impressive after the birth of your daughter.

    May you and your family be well!


  12. Carl,

    Sad to hear/read this. I missed the news i guess. Was looking for AMW for some days and it didn't load. Now i know why.
    I want to thank you for some great stuff on the web. I did enjoy your (re)views a lot.
    You, your comments, the people who came to the site became a sort of friends. A place i could turn to, to watch their amazing photo' s, their world sometimes (photo' s of children growing up during the time the site lasted) and to ask questions about gear.

    Anyway, before i get emotional, a BIG thanks to you and all the contributors ....
    It was a great time.

    The Netherlands

  13. Thats a shame, but thanks for the ride Carl, I enjoyed our conversations, and did listen to your advice....all the best for whatever you do next :)

  14. Carl,
    I too will greatly miss AMW, even though I switched to Canon, And have been busy myself with a new found hobby of RC helicopters, I always was lurking to see what a lot of my friends I made there were up to.
    I learned a lot there and even more important, I found many great people who's contact I will miss, along with AMW.
    I would like to know how to stay in contact with you Carl, maybe email or phone?
    Let me know how. We need to keep in touch!
    Your friend Jeff Anderson

  15. Through time we have seen publications emerge, flourish and shuffle off too; some most deservedly, others far less so.
    Carl, your work with AMW came from a time of impatience and dissatisfaction with some of the more priggish and narrow-minded pugilists who gained a bonanza with the unfettered nature of the internet and proceeded to drive many of us to drink with their rant, rancour and spleen. Many were also quite ignorant, if my mind serves me correctly.
    You made that world a better place, and were gracious enough to share your honest opinions, vales, and photographic concerns with your image-making publics. We are, and always will be the better for that.
    Your writings were always a place to visit and, like any good bookstore, sit and while away a spell or three. Something always to be learned.
    I also will seek to keep in touch from time to time. An unashamed Minolta Dynax 7 / KM7D and A77 user I am keen to see where the A-mount goes. Age, and physical capabilities suggest something slightly smaller, lighter with outrageous IQ should be in the pipeline.
    Cannot come too soon.

    Cheers, best wishes in your new path; enjoy your new family and drink only good wine. Life's too short for the crap!
    Warren in Woodville

  16. Hello Carl,

    I have enjoyed your writing tremendously and, particularly on the higher end Panasonic cameras you have reviewed. I have in the back of my mind a wonderful review that you once produced on the Panasonic DMC-LC1. Discovering that it's no longer available online, I wondered if there was any possibility of you emailing the 'copy' if it can no longer be posted?
    It would be greatly appreciated.


  17. Hi Andy,

    Thank you very much for the kind comments, I do appreciate that. Well, unfortunately when the site went down so did all of the content I put on it, part of the reason the decision was so difficult to make for me. I thought it would be nice to have the content saved somehow but couldn't figure out a way to make that happen. :(

    I did publish a Leica Digilux 2 review on this blog, sorry, best I can do.


  18. Hi Carl

    Just wanted to wish you a Happy Father's Day. Hope things are going well with you and your family.

    On the photographic front; I just today got a new bit of kit, the RX100. We have booked a Disney trip in Sept to surprise Elise before she outgrows the princesses and Harry Potter. I didn't want to have to go thru the hassle of traveling with my heavy gear through airports etc. Besides, I have found that I tend to miss a lot trying to capture the moments LOL. That and the fact that Best Buy is offering 18months same as cash made it almost a no brainer. That said, big change going to that little body from an A700 w/VG. Elise (doesn't know why I got the camera) said it looked like a gorilla trying to text on an iPhone when I was first playing with it :)

    Do you have any thoughts on the RX100? Have you had a chance to shoot with it?

    Either way, be well!

    I'll keep in touch.


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