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Saturday, February 28, 2015

DPReview Post Fujifilm Interview

Quick P-C News: A very informative and interesting Fujifilm interview was posted at DPReview today. I thoroughly enjoyed it and want to share it with my readers. I won't spoil anything, just spreading the interesting articles to you :).

Please note that I think that Fujifilm are currently the most motivated and fastest growing company in the digital sector- they have a very wide range of cameras and their X series lineup is taken very seriously by the company to please enthusiast and professional photographers. They are spending a vast amount of money and R/D to be competitive in the high end, and are not shy about sharing their plans and listening to their consumers.

Clearly Fujifilm still have a lot of work to do in certain areas to be atop in the big three, but the massive and consistent effort they have put forth since the announcement of the first X100 has been blatantly obvious.


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