Friday, January 19, 2018

Poem Sharing: A Surrender to Light

A Surrender to Light
January 2018, Carl Garrard

A Surrender to Light

Remedial smell of morning coffee; I rub my eyes
Crisp winter air fractured; with a bird’s cheerful melody
Through my window a squirrel chases nothing
Half way up that pine; pausing
I’m a sentinel to a delicate dance

As light expands; the shadows withdraw

Color and shapes revealed now; my soul stirs
My heart is full and warm; sleep having filtered my pain
Exult, rejuvenate; my spirit triumphant
The inner child larks and hungers to play
There’s something extraordinary about this day

Nature beckons; instincts vibrant

A first step crunches earth; at last I’m grounded
I hold still, rejoicing in silence
Goosebumps form teasingly on my skin; I close my eyes
Listening, feeling; all senses betrothed
Instinct drives me; onward to a

A posing silhouette; the shutter clicks

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