Saturday, February 10, 2018

Natural Abstract Symmetry Project

February 2018, Carl Garrard

Hello all my photographer readers! Happy February (already) to all of you. This year is going by quickly, but so far has been a wonderful year for myself and others in many respects. In the vein of that excitement, a new project has  been born that puts my 25+ years of photographic interest and experience to light.

My new baby is a combination of Art and Science put together in an extremely simple way. This project holds true to my unwavering desire and ethic to stay true to my photographic subjects- in that any processing of a single image must remain absolutely minimal and be as natural to the eye as possible. This project, and each image in it, starts with one single image held to that ideal, and only uses duplication of that image to create a final outcome. I hope that  you enjoy my new project, as it blends the science of symmetry (science, I love science....), and the world of freelance photographic art together into one cohesive abstract work of art.

Thank you all for your continued support!

Stay focused.
-Carl Garrard

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