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Monday, June 3, 2019

Sony Alpha A700 and A900

Sony Alpha A700 and A900
June 2019, Carl Garrard

Hey original A-Mount photographers... I just wanted to let you know I purchased the A900 and A700 again for my classic budget article series. I was able to get both for under $750 bucks total, and with the original boxes in like new condition (my second time for both cameras). What a deal! I figured it was time to get these cameras again before I can no longer find them in the condition I prefer. These are great additions to my "classic" collection of cameras and both still punch way above their weight. The A700 arrived today, and I updated the firmware to v4 from v3 (which adds excellent features not previously present in earlier versions). So many memories are coming back to me about the A700, the firmware debates and talk...funny how it all came back to me! Man, I almost forgot how good this camera actually is.

Mated with the newer Tamron 28-300 DI PZD lens (direct link to Amazon), it makes either camera a weather resistant combo. It's worth noting that autofocus is very fast on the A700 with this lens too, especially in continuous tracking. Where was this lens when I had all my A-Mount DSLR's before?).

These newer Tamron lenses are a huge step above previous superzooms in every way. Optically, they are now very good by any standard in fact (on aps-c or full frame!), they have much nicer aesthetics, and lack any zoom creep. They added weather sealing, and a PZD near silent focusing system, which makes it one of the best lenses on the market for the dollar in any camera lens mount. The 28-300mm DI PZD I have really adds life to Sony DSLR's of the past like the A700, its a very impressive combo.

Talk about a no nonsense well organized camera. I forgot how good the A700 is to shoot with!

Solid magnesium top and front body panels with an interior aluminum chassis make the A700 build quality so fantastic, it's really built like a tank. And the handling and controls are so intuitive and well placed. Talk about a camera built with concern for serious photographers. Actually, I don't miss live view or video, or any of the modern camera features... it's quite refreshing to have all the basics I need to make a photograph without any other menu or external distractions that come with modern cameras. And the image quality, both high ISO and low ISO, look really darn good for a twelve year old digital camera. It's going to be a lot of fun working with both cameras again!

ISO 100 is so good! Excellent dynamic range in raw files, and the color is fantastic. I've long since forgotten.

True fact, the Sony Alpha A700 was my very first full length camera review, over twelve years ago now. Wow, time flies. And another fact, I recall being one of the very first photographers in North America to purchase and receive a full production A700, I may have been in the top three. No kidding! After the A700 came to market, I co-founded my first website (AlphaMountWorld). Shortly thereafter I formed a friendly relationship with Sony USA, and off I went! Boy this camera brings back memories.

ISO 6400 ACR raw conversion. Only +5 chroma  noise reduction, not a bad sensor by today's standards at all!

Anyhow, this is just a quick post. I may do full reviews on both of these cameras considering my reviews of both were done over a decade ago and are no longer on the internet. Let me know what you guys think! Also I have a Sony A77 coming and some words about the A77II, A68, 70-300mm G SSM II, and more.

Stay focused.


Stay focused.



  1. I look forward for the A700 review. Also a compare with the A77 which has lost the zoom to the focused point feature in review.

  2. There are pretty much similarity between the A700 and A900 which can figure out only who has used the Alpha 700 tremendously. Thanks for your nice review about A700.

    Best regards,
    Drop Shadow